Furniture transformed for small apartments.

Children grow so fast – just make it amazing! Yesterday a representative of the younger generation was staring at the posters with the Pokemon, and today she is already wearing clothes comparable to the style of Merlin Manson. Familiar? In such circumstances, it is absolutely difficult to think about what kind of children will be. Moreover, most often the children’s room – a room of modest size, and fit in there all that seems necessary is absolutely impossible. But nothing is impossible when it comes to children’s transformed furniture.

bold contrast
Saturated pink in combination with perfectly white and coarse-gray – this is the contrast on which the design of a set of children’s furniture such as “transformer” is based. Such a color decision is quite acceptable for the bedroom – the colors are not crying-bright to break the nervous system. In such a bedroom there is a place to put together a bedside girlfriend; A great option for two little sisters with a little age.

At day one of the sleeping places turns into a functional table, which at night is hiding under the bed, without noticing its presence and not breaking the harmony of the interior.

Children’s furniture transformer in stylish turquoise

A stylish turquoise color will appeal to both boys and girls. This bedroom is suitable for different children, for one girl or boy. The vegetable pattern on one of the doors can easily be replaced by something more “boyish”.

This child’s space is due to the large number of shelves and lockers. As in the previous case (although the mechanism is quite different), the desk is hiding under the bed (while from the table, you do not even have to clean the books and notebooks), and on a single day, the hand returns to the original position.

The only disadvantage of these furniture is the lack of boxes and shelves for the table, but it is also a plus: the table will be easier to keep in order, removing from the eyes distracting from the study of objects.

But the uniquely “girl” option, not deprived, however, of dynamism – both in color solutions, and on the thrown on the floor “skin zebras”:

cheerful child

The most vivid, but not annoying eye combination is orange and green-green orange and lightly refreshing white. Where does the bed hide? In the closet? But they did not guess! The module with the system unit is slid under the countertop, and the imperceptible ledge in the wall turns into a convenient place for sleep. Beautiful idea and wonderful incarnation.

By the same principle transformer made a child in the classic salad-blue color, diluted yellow and purple. Oddly, it turned out very harmoniously!

In orange color

Bright orange in a few shades – the priority “color” of our children. The spacious racks nicely contain everything you need; the place for work and study is equipped perfectly! For a day’s rest – a small sofa, on which you can lie or sit to read, play, dream.

At night, the modest sofa turns into a wide bed!

At any time

If you suddenly do not sleep, and the idea came at night, you can go to the desktop without delay, and do not have to remove the bed for this. Because in these children’s furniture transformer the bed is located “on the second floor”, and if you want at the table, it is quite possible to sit without taking the bed back into the wall.